Cleansing, Detoxing and Nourishing Superfoods

Consider adding one or more of these superfoods/products listed below to one of my seasonal Cleanses, or simply as supportive products for your day-to-day healthy eating lifestyle.

And keep reading for more about using these superfoods with a gentle intermittent fasting protocol for even better results with weight loss on my food-based Cleanse.

Our bodies have a natural capacity to detox, and do this for us silently and un-assumedly every minute of every day of our lives. However when our bodies are faced with toxic overload from our water, air, food, household cleaning products, EMF pollution, etc. etc., which is sadly the case for many of us these days, it can be helpful to add in some additional supportive foods or products to assist us and give us a better chance at a long and healthy pain/disease-free life.

One of the main toxins that is ubiquitous in our soils, foods and water supply these days is glyphosate, the active ingredient in the chemical herbicide Roundup. Research is proving that glyphosate is cancer causing, impairs gut health, is damaging to the liver and kidneys and can cause endocrine-disruption (among other things...sadly the list is much longer).

A few years ago a past cleanser shared with me about a product called Biome-medic that has been proven in double-blind trials to reduce levels of the toxic chemical glyphosate by 74%, as well as decrease C-reactive protein (a marker of inflammation) by 75%, while additionally supporting “good” bacteria and helping to repair the gut microbiome.

Biome Medic Label

And so, given the very real concern about this chemical that is very likely present in each of our bodies at this time, I decided to give this product a try, as well as a few other products made by the same company, Purium. After experiencing good results, and keeping up with the research and news on glyphosate I then started sharing with a few clients to get their feedback, and then began to offer as an adjunct to my cleanses.

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive! I heartily recommend the below superfoods/products.

These can be added into your diet at any time, but it can be great to combine these products with a cleanse to experience heightened benefits and to allow your detox to go deeper.

What I have found is that some percentage of folks who do my seasonal Cleanses like to add in one or more of these superfoods/products that are listed below. Please follow your intuition and internal guidance system to determine if you would like to include these in your Cleanse. If so, I will support you with clear instructions on how to incorporate and use for the best effect.

The headliner is Biome-medic, which is likely a good preventative choice for most people these days. However there are some other great products that past cleansers and clients have found very helpful including a concentrated tart cherry juice that helps with sleep, a concentrated vegan pre-digested amino acid that helps with energy and muscle building for everyone, but most especially for people who struggle with getting adequate protein or have digestive challenges, or for those who are more athletic. Additionally there are many different green shakes/concentrated nutrition shakes that give overall energy boost and benefit, support balancing of hormones, and provide other general wellness support.

I have tried everything I recommend below, and I work with a couple of these products daily, and several of them regularly as part of my personal health maintenance.

If you would like to add these to your Cleanse, keep reading!

I will be making more specific recommendations on dosing/recommended quantities before the Cleanse begins, so you will have all the instructions you need to use these successfully during your Cleanse.

ALSO, there is a $50 discount available to anyone who is new to trying these superfoods/products. When you check out, simply enter the discount code: EllenKittredge to receive the discount.


A natural product (pill) that when taken twice a day was proven in pre-clinical trials to reduce levels of the toxic chemical Glyphosate by 74%. Glyphosate (Roundup) has contaminated virtually all of the food supply (as well as being found in much of the water supply) in the US, and is ubiquitous in many other countries as well. I, and many other health professionals, are concerned for the health of our populace, specifically the health of our guts, in re: to glyphosate contamination. Without a healthy gut lining and properly functioning digestive organs, our health is greatly impaired. Glyphosate is toxic to the digestive organs and more and more research points to it as an underlying factor in many chronic health conditions.

To purchase the Biome-Medic, click HERE.

Recommended dosage: 1-2 per day in divided doses. If you’re very sensitive and detox quickly, start with one a day for the first week and then increase to two a day.

Cherries. Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay


This is a concentrated organic tart cherry juice, taken at night, to support healthy sleep patterns. The health benefits of tart cherry juice are many and varied, and include, cancer-fighting properties, reduction in joint pain and inflammation in osteo-arthritis, cholesterol reduction, lowering of blood pressure (if its too high), faster recovery post-workout, memory enhancement, AND because it naturally contains melatonin, improvements in sleep patterns. I have had many clients report a marked shift and improvement in their sleep with just the addition of this product once a day in the evening. (For more information about the health benefits of tart cherry juice, including links to research studies, please read more HERE.)

To purchase the ApotheCherry, click HERE.

Recommended dosage: 1-2 TBSP in 10-16 ozs water an hour before bed

Power Shake or SuperMeal L.O.V.

If you’re a fan of having a daily dose of concentrated superfoods in an easily digestible format, and/or being able to have a quick recovery drink for exercise that’s a good source of vegan protein, either of these delicious and nutritious protein shakes are made with very clean ingredients. You can choose from two different options:

Recommended dosage: Take daily in a mixture of water and almond/rice/coconut/hemp/oat milk or blend with other veggies/fruit juices, as desired.

Green drink. Image by marijana1 from Pixabay

Super Amino 23

This product is pre-digested 100% vegetarian protein that has been featured in the Physician`s Desk Reference. It is comprised of free crystalline amino acids that are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream in 23 minutes. This is particularly great for muscle strength, endurance and recovery, and is a wonderful assist for athletes or anyone with a solid exercise program. Also good for general energy and muscle building, for anyone who has been sick/depleted for an extended period of time.

Recommended Dosage: Take 5 tablets daily for maintenance, and more if you are exercising regularly. For specific exercise support, take 5-10 tablets 1/2 hour before exercise.

Core 4 Bundle:

These 4 superfood products are considered the basic protocol to take for core health and wellness. And thus, they can be taken together and are at a discounted rate if purchased together. READ MORE HERE.

Intermittent Fasting with Superfood Support

I often support private clients with an intermittent fasting protocol that's combined with Purium superfoods. I love this approach and the benefits my clients receive.

Intermittent fasting supports healthy weight loss, as well as enhancing health and wellness on many levels. If you are interested in combining the healing benefits of a food based cleanse with an intermittent fasting protocol that's gentle and supported by the use of the Purium superfoods, please read more about that HERE.

The specifics of the fasting protocol are shared about under "suggested use/ingredients" or HERE

Questions? Please just contact me. If you choose to work with the Purium superfoods during one of my seasonal Cleanses, I will support you throughout the experience so you know exactly what to do to get the best results.

Additional Products

Here are a few additional products that I have taken and enjoy the benefits of. These would be particularly recommended to help enhance the benefits of a Cleanse. Please see website links for recommended dosage and/or consult with me directly for how you should use the product, as my recommendations will be based on your individual health needs.

Water droplets and grass. Image by ju Irun from Pixabay

There are many other great products like CBD oil, single concentrated greens powders (barley grass, kamut, spirulina), healthy products for kids and dogs, joint support, allergy reduction, parasite reduction, candida reduction, hair/skin/nails support, and many other products that are simply concentrated food nutrients or superfoods. Please enjoy exploring what Purium has to offer and experiencing the benefits to your body! HERE

For European/UK Cleansers and Clients: BIOME-MEDIC is called GUT HARMONY in Europe. And Purium Health Products is called Platinum Health Europe (and is the European Branch). They don’t offer the Core 4 in Europe, but they do offer the Core 3. If you live in Europe or the UK, and you would like to work with these products, I will support you fully in understanding which ones to choose for comparable results.

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*The only way to access these superfoods is through someone who holds an account themselves, which means I earn a small commission on sales of the superfoods. After four years of working with these superfoods on a regular basis, I and am very happy with the results I've experienced and that my clients who've tried them have experienced, including weight loss, better sleep, improved gut health, increased energy and overall improved wellbeing. And so, I can confidently recommend them if you are looking for an easy and effective way to take the next step in your wellness journey.